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The BBCo Sailboat Kit - Only available in Australia

Making parents and grandparents look like legends.
The BBCo Sailboat Kit is the perfect DIY project for any aspiring legend. Because anyone, anywhere can build a boat. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step Australian instructions.

Kit includes:
· Detailed plans and informative construction notes
· Precision-cut plywood
· Stainless steel screws
. Square copper nails
· Silicon-bronze nails
· Two-part epoxy glue
· Cups and stirrers for preparing the glue
· Three tubes of Sikaflex premium marine adhesive/sealant
· Disposable gloves
. Sail and rope
. Mast, boom and gaff
· Rowlocks

Tools required:
· Hammer
· Caulking Gun
· Drill

Not included:
· Undercoat

· Paint/Varnish
. Sandpaper
. Primer
. Oars

Product specs:
Unbuilt dimensions: 3000mm x 700mm x 230mm
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)

Built dimensions: 3000mm x 1300mm x 515mm
Built weight: 50kg (110 lbs)


How long will it take to build?
The BBCo Sailboat Kit usually takes around 30 hours to complete, so allow two weekends to give the epoxy and sealant a chance to set. For more information, download our detailed instruction manual for Australia.

Where do I buy oars?
AUSTRALIA: You can buy them right here, in the acccessories section of our store. We sell a pair of 6 foot oars complete with stops, also sold seperately at Whitworths in Sydney, Australia. 

Where do I buy paint?
AUSTRALIA: 'International' marine paints are sold at Whitworths in Sydney and other locations around Australia. 

Where do I buy lifejackets?
AUSTRALIA: Lifejackets can be bought at Whitworths, Sturrocks, Target or any store with an outdoors section.

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In The Press
The BBCo boats have been featured in Wall Street JournalThe AustralianVogue LivingGQWiredand the Sydney Morning Herald Magazine.



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